Magnetic yoke “HANDY MAGNA”

To perform magnetic particle inspections conveniently, HANDY MAGNA is an excellent means. Simply contacting magnetic poles directly with inspection objects and applying magnetic particles with the switch held down detects any defects easily. Various types are provided to satisfy inspection requirements.

The best-selling portable yoke electromagnet HANDY MAGNA has a dominant market share for its excellent detection ability and abundant variety of types. Contact magnetic poles directly with test objects and apply magnetic particles, hold down the switch and magnetic particles indications will appear where the defects are. Best for welded area.


A-1 Standardtype.Mainlyusedforwelding,universalyoke
A-2 Smallandlight-weighttypeofA-1convenientforlongtimeinspections. Universalyokeisoptional
A-4 Flexible yoke. Multi-purposes and wide applications
A-6 Smallandlight-weighttypeofA-4
TE-2 Ideal for local and small area, Good portability inspections


  • Body (with a micro switch)
  • 5Meter power cord(3-core, two-typerubber captire cable)
  • Steel carrying case


  • AC continuous method achieves higher ability to detect surface defects by the skin effect.
  • Yoke method suppresses an electric current flowing directly into the test objects, and avoids the possibility of sparking.
  • Small, light, AC 200V or 220V (other voltage option) portable size.
  • Any test objects can be inspected with HANDY MAGNA yokes.
  • Waterproof switches minimize the risks of layer short or electric shock to human bodies in wet method.
  • Type A-1, A-2 and A6 are with potted cable. Tough and waterproof.


A-1 A-2 A-4 A-6 TE-2
Rated current (A)50 Hz 4 2.5 4 3.5 1.2
Rated current (A)60 Hz 3 2.3 3 2.3 0.7
Total magnetic flux (mWb) 50 Hz 0.8 0.6 0.7 0.57 0.3
Total magnetic flux (mWb) 60 Hz 0.7 0.55 0.57 0.48 0.27
Leg Span (mm) 140 110 140 110 70
Magnetic pole section size (mm) 25X25 20X20 25X25 20X20 15X15
Weightwithoutcable(kg) 3.2 2 3.6 2 1.2

Duty cycle

A-1, A-2 and A-6 ………………70% (5-sec on, 2-sec off)
TE-2 ……………………………50% (5-sec on, 5-sec off)
Lifting power (excluding TE-2) ……Above 10 pounds
A-1 and A-6 are designed for 50 Hz・60Hz

4-pole electromagnet

Developed specially for inspections for the welded area on tank bottoms and pressure vessels. Defects in all directions can be easily detected simultaneously by rotating magnetic field. Continuous inspection canbe performed fast and efficiently while the Handy Magna ismoving on thewelded area.


Effective inspection size 80mm 100mm
Body weight 4kg 8kg
Duty cycle 5secON 5secOFF 5secON 5secOFF