Eddy current Testing

What is eddy current testing?

An eddy current tester is intended to detect the presence of foreign substances in a test object and inspect the condition and materials of the test object by a magnetic field produced by applying a high-frequency electric current to a coil.

Eddy current testing can be performed without physical contact with test objects and thus quality control can be achieved without destroying/breaking the products.

As shown on the left, applying a high-frequency electric current to a coiled copper wire causes an alternating-current magnetic field.

By placing a conductive material near the field, current flows in proximity to the surface of the material. This current is called an eddy current.

The eddy current causes a new magnetic field to repel the magnetic field produced by the high-frequency electric current. The repelling force differs according to current frequency, material permeability, conductivity, geometry and distance from the coil. By performing various operations, only intended factors (scratching, breaking, material, hardening depth, interval, vibration, dimensions and film thickness) are extracted from the signal.

Technical information

Test objects for eddy current testing Eddy current testers can be used to examine the following objects.

Deformed tubes

Deformed tubes

Deformed tubes

Deformed tubes

Deformed tubes

Customized automatic measurement

By application of Tex Riken’s inspection and measurement technologies, highly accurate automatic measurement of various properties for tubes etc., including the outside diameter, thickness, length and quality of the material, can be achieved by a simple operation.

We can flexibly customize automatic measurement systems that allow for the measurement of special materials and shapes. We can also customize measurement items according to the customer’s quality requirements.

Only Tex Riken, which has both hardware and software development technologies and expertise, can offer such high-quality automatic measurement systems.

We can also customize systems that allow automatic measurement, eddy current testing, appearance inspection, inner surface inspection and other types of inspection all at once.

If your company has difficulty ensuring effective product quality control, do not hesitate to consult us. We will propose the most suitable solution.

Imaging inspection case studies

Detecting the volume and chipping of product surfaces through imaging inspection can improve productivity and quality.

The combination of inner surface inspection with an eddy current tester and visual inspection with an imaging inspection device can stabilize the quality of various products.

If your company has difficulty ensuring effective quality control for products, please consult us. We will propose the most suitable solution.

Twist Inspection(double wall tube、non-circle bar)
Inspection time for 1sample:about 1second(Conventional test takes 2 minutes)

Image inspection is highly correlated with the conventional method