Customer service

Test the marking quality of JNS2003 Co., Ltd. products on your samples JNS2003 Co., Ltd. offers a sample marking service free of charge and with no obligation to purchase. Visualise our marking quality on your own parts and ensure that the marking meets your legibility specifications.

Customer sample marking service

For samples marked with laser technology, we offer:

advice on focal distances
recommendations on the marking parameters to use for optimum results.


To optimize the productivity of your marking equipment.

Training Center

JNS2003 Co., Ltd. has its own recognised training center.

On site or at JNS2003

Training on site or at JNS2003 Co., Ltd..

JNS2003 Co., Ltd. can offer training packages adapted to individual and structured requirements according to Job Functions : supervisors, operators, maintenance or IT
  • Marking technology, traceability and identification systems, character and code reading technologies with Laser – Vision.
  • Use of the material together with on-site installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • Maintenance and assistance for diagnosing breakdowns.
  • Advice for integration, programming and compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Technical assistance

Offering you the best traceability solution adapted to your requirements.

With 30 years of experience in the industrial marking field and more than 31,000 machines installed worldwide, JNS2003 Co., Ltd. gives you the benefit unequalled in traceability and the integration of the marking process into production lines :

Feasibility studies :

JNS2003 Co., Ltd. Customer Service, Feasability StudiesFeasibility studies provide an in-depth analysis of both the requirements and opportunities available to you prior to planning and implementation. They permit you to accurately assess the true potential for an integrated marking process in your given environment. JNS2003 Co., Ltd.’s advice will be both professional and unbiased and will provide you with a solid basis on which to make your key investment decisions.

Customized studies :

Depending on your specific requirements, JNS2003 Co., Ltd. can develop a customized solution for both the integration and development of specific software to meet your needs.

Leasing :

To back up our recommendations, JNS2003 Co., Ltd. can offer short term leasing contracts for its own standard equipment. This process will permit you to carry out a full evaluation and justification process prior to full implementation and purchase.


To optimize the productivity of your marking equipment.

JNS2003 Co., Ltd. is pleased to offer various after sales support packages in order to optimize the running of your marking equipment and reduce potential downtime. Please bear in mind that prior to any engagement, all contracts are subject to a thorough review of your equipment by JNS2003 Co., Ltd.’s skilled technicians.

Maintenance contracts:

To ensure that your marking equipment runs smoothly, you should carry out a preventive maintenance program on an ongoing basis. JNS2003 Co., Ltd.’s maintenance contract is adapted to suit your needs.

JNS2003 Co., Ltd. Customer Service, maintenance Extended warranty:

With extended warranty you can ensure that in the event of a breakdown all costs are kept to a minimum, because JNS2003 Co., Ltd. will provide parts and labour free of charge if the problem is the result of defective products or components.

Rental agreements:

JNS2003 Co., Ltd. can offer rental contracts to avoid any loss of production during repairs of your equipment. This will ensure that production can continue.


Routine servicing of your equipment will increase the life span and ensure greater reliability. JNS2003 Co., Ltd. offers various servicing packages adapted to your requirements. The information contained on this webpage is for informational purposes only and is not binding. All contracts and services will be subject to a binding formal agreement.