Ultrasonic testing automatic system machine

NK System is a company for manufactures NDT / Non Destructive testing machines and builds complete automatic crack detection machines such as Eddy Current Testing / ECT and Ultrasonic testing Automatic system / UTS)

We can design and made machines customized  following customer requirements or develop machine together for get the machine high quality detection products

And we can also give advice and recommend about crack detection technology without damaging the workpiece. to customers in order to develop a better production process

We will develop an original non-destructive inspection system that meets your needs by combining multiple items such as the customer environment. device you use and each production process

We provide total support from design to development and operation of custom-made inspection equipment that cannot be modified with existing systems. It is because the system completely integrates the needs of the user. We are able to produce effective results in quality control

1. Forged Cross Roll Ultrasonic Flaw Device Ultrasonic inspection is used to detect cracks that occur inside the shaft of forged cross rolls. By applying the sensor to the inspection point and rotating the workpiece, it is possible to inspect the entire circumference.

2. Graphite spheroidization rate of Steering Knuckle measurement (Ductile cast iron FCD) is the most important safety part of the automobiles. For enteral flaw detection, it is possible to simultaneously modify measurement inspection. For internal flaw detection, it is possible to simultaneously measure multiple inspection points by using multi-channel ultrasonic waves.

3. Piston wear-resistant ring joint inspection device Unboned wear-resistant resistant ring (Cast iron) And the eccentricity of the internal defect oil gallery is inspected by using ultrasonic waves. It`s possible to measure multiple inspection points at the same time by making the ultrasonic waves multi-channel.