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[heading title=”NDT Thailand” color=”#000000″]In 2013.We have been trusted to be a distributor NDT products from Eshin Kagaku (Japan) Co., Ltd. onwards[/heading]

Visible Dye Penetrant Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection Materials

MAGNATRON gives a good contrast of any defects against

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Black Light UV LED


36/37 Motorway
Rd. Klongsong Tonnon,
Ladkrabang Bangkok 10520

[heading title=”SIC Marking Thailand” color=”#000000″]From the long experience in marking machine for over 10 years. We design and install marking machines in the automotive industry. Manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, automotive parts, agricultural vehicle, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, large structural systems both on land and by sea, including electronic parts From being trusted by customers. Until 2019, sic marking (France) contacted to be a distributor of marking machines in Thailand.[/heading]
SIC MARKING A worldwide specialist in marking and traceability solutions